Book Presentation Schedule

Group Book Presentation Schedule – Comm 163v


27 February: Group Presentation 1

Members: Alex, Hector, Max

Book: This is Not a Pipe by Michel Foucault


13 March: Group Presentation 2

Members: Macey, Ashton, Raquel

Book: On Photography by Susan Sontag


20 March: Group Presentation 3

Group 1 Members: Tresha, Tiana, Sonia

Book: Camera Lucida by Roland Barthes


Group 2 Members: Christi, Kailey

Book: The World of Perception by Maurice Merleau-Ponty


3 April: Group Presentation 4

Members: Nathan, Bubba, Garrett

Book: Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud


10 April: Group Presentation 5

Members: Omar, Emma, Christian

Book: High Rise by J. G. Ballard


17 April: Group Presentation 6

Members: Hayley, Jordan, Stephanie

Book: Ubik, by Philip K. Dick


24 April: Group Presentation 7

Members: Ashley, Karlene, Ivan, Ryan

Book: In the Metro by Marc Auge


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