Month: March 2013

Research Question: Due on 4/3

Please send me your research question (which I said that you should be formulating) via email to me by this upcoming class session – Wednesday April 3. Use the discussion on developing research questions in the Ethnography and Virtual Worlds book pages 52-57. This will be the research question that you will use to begin work on your final project. Choose as your topic some aspect of visual culture that interests you (use Boellstorff et al or Rose as guides for what kind of final project you could work on). Email me or drop by my office if you have additional questions. This is about process, so don’t worry that your question is written in stone. It can evolve as your research proceeds. See you on Wednesday.


Midterm, Act Two (final act)

Using the observation and notes that you made at the museum or gallery that you visited, write up a 4-5 (double-spaced) interpretative essay using Discourse Analysis 1 or 2 or Psychoanalysis as your methodological framework. Follow the guidelines and explanations for these visual methodologies as detailed by Gillian Rose in her book. Use specific examples from your visit. You must focus on the visual aspects of your museum 0r gallery experience (should be obvious, but just a reminder). Match your methodological approach to the visual materials you encountered and, by extension, to the theoretical basis for each methodology. You may include visual data – drawings, photos, videos and such – but the write up must equal 4-5 pages of text. Email me if you have any questions about my expectations.

Paper due by 6pm Wednesday April 3. Please email it to me as a PDF file entitled yourlastname.pdf. You must follow MLA style in your paper.

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