Final Project or Paper

Final Paper/Project


Research Question/Literature Review/Methods Statement: These three elements of the initial part of any research project must be included in your final paper or write up. They should be clearly marked as a subheading in your text submitted for the final. If you haven’t submitted your preliminary version of each of these to me, you should do so immediately. These three documents should guide your progress toward a completed project.

Please post your research question as a comment on this blog post no later than: Wednesday April 24, 2013

FINAL PAPER: Papers must be 10 pages in length (12 pt. Times or Helvetica font) + works cited page (which does not contribute to page count). Papers must adhere to MLA style. Failure to follow the conventions of scholarly writing will result in an automatic half grade reduction. Please review the policies on late papers and issues of academic integrity as specified on the course syllabus.

Strive for a coherent argument based on evidence from books, articles, images, paintings, cartoons, comics, graphics, films, television programs, and new media (as primary or secondary sources). Be sure to highlight the theory and the methodology that you are using in your paper/project so as to draw clear links between theory and evidence for your argument. You must include a list of works cited. Papers must be double spaced with author, title, and course section listed clearly on the first page (as indicated in the MLA handbook).

FINAL PROJECT: Project formats must be approved by the instructor. Projects should be of sufficient scale that it replicates the amount of work and effort that would go into producing an 10 page research paper (see me if needed for more explanation of this point). Projects must be posted to YouTube, WordPress, or some other web-based service – or given to me on a DVD or CD. The URL of the project should be included with the write up described below.

Projects may be documentary, animation, audio, narrative, and such, but they must be based on original research and include evidence from scholars and experts of various kinds (fans and producers for instance). Projects must be clearly labeled with author, title, and course name.

In addition to the project, students are required to submit a 3 page (12 pt. Times or Helvetica font) explanation and analysis of their project.

FINAL PRESENTATIONS: Each student will present a short summary of their paper or project on either May 1, May 8, May 15, or May 22, 2013. Presentations will be no longer than 10-15 minutes including time for a very short question and answer session with classmates. Your presentation is the oral and visual aspect of your final paper or project. The bottom line is that you must provide your audience with what they need to know to understand your project. Images and clips included in your presentation should be short and selected for maximum impact. The final presentation schedule will be posted to this blog when it becomes available.

Due date/Time for final paper-projects:

Submitted via email ( as a PDF attachment [labeled with “yourlastname.pdf”] no later than the beginning of the final exam session for your section of the course.





  1. (creative project)
    How do people react towards photos of the United States Military and Law Enforcement, as seen in/throughout everyday life?

    Exploring where people’s opinions of Law Enforcement and the Military come from.

  2. How do the images and messages of Apple Inc.’s advertising of Siri for the iPhone 4s effect consumers’ choice on purchasing the product?

  3. How do comedians express cultural difference and politics through the genres of improvisation and sketch comedy

  4. How do comedians express cultural difference and politics through the genres of improvisation and sketch comedy?

  5. What attracts first year college students to online gaming and what are the effects it has on them.

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