Month: February 2014


Here is a link to a photo essay on The Atlantic blog:


2/26: Convergent Media/Constructionism

Please post a question on the readings as a comment below. You can ask a question related to either the Digital Media Handbook or the Resnick book. Most of the class discussion will probably focus on Resnick. Also come prepared to discuss Frankenstein in its many incarnations (most recently with Aaron Eckhart as the monster).

Here are some pics of Frankenstein in comic book form by the amazing Mike Kaluta. Click the pic to get a larger version for reading and viewing.


And here’s a link to the entire comic:

Group Book Presentation Schedule

2/26: Christine, Jocelyn – Frankenstein

3/5: Kelsey, Alex – Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

3/12: Araceli, Sonia, Robby – Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

3/26: Audrey, Alyssa, Hayley – A Clockwork Orange

4/2: Michelle, Si – Regeneration

4/9: Jared, Joey – White Noise

4/23: Brea, Taylor – The City and the City

4/30: Andrew, Ivan – Bloodchild

Since no one selected H. P. Lovecraft’s Shadow Out of Time, I’ll toss up an image from his work (in plushy form).

Cthulhu Medium - Large