Month: March 2014

Final Project Proposal

Please post a 3 to 5 sentence project proposal as a comment to this post below. Be sure to include: a topic that will be the focus of your project, the form your project will take (game, video, ice sculpture), and a narrative of how to you plan to address your topic through the project (as a story, or documentary, or game, or philosophical treatise). If you are working with a partner, then be sure to include their name(s) on the proposal and explain the division of labor (remember your reading of Adam Smith in seminar). Also, come up with a provisional title for your project.


Virtual Class Discussion: Scratchjr, Please?

Considering how far behind we are in working through the Scratch 2.0 tutorials perhaps we should switch to Scratch Jr. intended for kids 5-7. LOL! Here’s a link to an online post about the new Mitch Resnick project:

For our virtual class discussion, please explain as a comment on this post:

What has been the most difficult aspect of programming with Scratch 2.0? Or how has Resnick’s ideas in the StarLogo book changed in relation to Scratch 2.0?

Please post your initial comment by Thursday March 20 and then comment on two different comments from your classmates by Sunday evening March 23.

Don’t forget to submit your midterm writeup.

Midterm Exam

For your midterm create a short Scratch 2.0 project that illustrates a key concept from the class so far: artificial life (Frankenstein), simulation (Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom), decentralization, constructionism, Microworlds, networks, androids (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?), convergence, creative industries, or the digital. Prepare to demonstrate your project during class on March 26.

And by next week, March 19, you must add a comment to this post explaining how you used Scratch to make your project and how you visualized the concept using the program. This short comment text should at least three paragraphs in length.

Due dates:
Short text explanation: Weds March 19, 2014.
Scratch 2.0 Project: Weds. March 26, 2014.