Month: May 2014

Virtual Class Discussion: Stelarc

This is a requirement for the course. It will affect your final grade if you don’t follow the instructions. Please do so.

1. Watch the clip below. It is a short newsmagazine style piece on Stelarc, the Australian performance artist, as he puts together an installation of his work in Paris (he curses occasionally, so beware). His work deals with modifications of the body as art. I first became aware of his art when I saw one of his body suspensions in the mid-1980s (he hung himself from hooks secured through his flesh – there is a brief video projection of this performance in the gallery at the end of the clip) and it disturbed me but also seemed quite interesting on a formal and conceptual level. Please watch the entire clip – it’s about 14 minutes, then answer the following questions in a comment below.

2. What are the implications of his work in relation to our ideas about the body (and modifications to it)? How does it make you feel? How does it relate to digital culture?

3. Wait a while after posting your response and then comment on two responses by your fellow students.

4. You have 24 hours (until 6 PM Thursday May 22, 2014) to finish your three posts: your comment in response to the clip and your two responses to your fellow students’s comments.

Here’s the clip:

Good luck.



Final Project Write Up and Submission

Here are the instructions for submitting the final project and the accompanying write up:

By 6:10 PM on Wednesday May 21, 2014, please email me a link to your project (or if its not too large a file, the actual project) and a pdf of your final project write up. The write up should follow MLA style conventions and should be labeled “yourlastname.pdf” (not “final project.pdf” or “yourfirstname.pdf” or “comm163v.pdf”). The write up should be 3 pages in length (double spaced) and should explain how your project relates to what was covered in class (check the syllabus and the blog for reminders if that has slipped your mind – objects, things, systems, etc.). In essence, it is a critical interpretation of your project using ideas developed during the class.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Final Virtual Class Discussion Alert

Just a reminder that there will be a virtual class discussion during finals week. You will have to post comments in response to a video and a short text that I will post on this blog. I’ll remind you during class this coming week. But I just wanted to be sure that you all remembered that this is a requirement of the class.

Also, most of you owe me a short paper – 2-3 paragraphs – responding to your favorite evocative object. Style your short response on the various chapters in Turkle’s book. Some have already done this. Thanks to those folks. Other folks, get a move on.