Final Project Write Up and Submission

Here are the instructions for submitting the final project and the accompanying write up:

By 6:10 PM on Wednesday May 21, 2014, please email me a link to your project (or if its not too large a file, the actual project) and a pdf of your final project write up. The write up should follow MLA style conventions and should be labeled “yourlastname.pdf” (not “final project.pdf” or “yourfirstname.pdf” or “comm163v.pdf”). The write up should be 3 pages in length (double spaced) and should explain how your project relates to what was covered in class (check the syllabus and the blog for reminders if that has slipped your mind – objects, things, systems, etc.). In essence, it is a critical interpretation of your project using ideas developed during the class.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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