Group Presentation Sign-Up

Mea culpa. I forgot to circulate the sign-up sheet for group presentations that are scheduled to begin next week in class. How does it work?

On your presentation day, group members present a short clip to the class in a fashion similar to how I do it with the clips on the syllabus. The clip should be somehow related to that day’s topic and should include speaking roles for all of the groups members (and should include light research by all as well).

Since I forgot to bring it up in class, I’m willing to provide a one-time offer to whomever is willing to volunteer to present next Tuesday night – February 28, 2017. The offer? As long as you follow the logistics of the presentation – one or two short clips, all group members participate, and the total time for the presentation doesn’t exceed 10 minutes (without Q&A) – then I will give that group AN AUTOMATIC GRADE OF A for the assignment.

Please email me at if you’re interested in THIS ONE TIME ONLY OFFER! The topic should be the uncanny. The movie, or TV show, or what have you is your choice. Groups should be between 2 and 4 people. [One person can present on their own if they have a great idea for a film that fits the topic.]




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