5/9: Self and Other/Artificial Intelligence

Please select one of the three readings for today – Turing, Fanon, or McGowan – and create a short comment on what idea therein caught your interest. Come prepared to present your thought on the text during discussion. No need to post it as a comment here, but be sure to come to class prepared to discuss your idea on the text. Each of you will be called upon. See you then.



One comment

  1. “The reader must accept it as a fact that digital computers can be constructed, and indeed have been constructed, according to the principals we have described, and that they can in fact mimic the actions of a human computer very closely” (438).

    Turing eventually concludes that his hypothesis of whether or not machines can think is “too meaningless to deserve discussion” (442). Is it fair to assume that “thought” requires at least some portion of a conscience? As we discussed earlier in the semester, conscience is a defining factor for human beings. Communication between human’s involves both subject (content) and INTERPRETATION of that content. Can computers really do this if they are simply referencing hard-wired instructions in all of their processes?

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